God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Monday, 26 September 2016

Spot the Supervisor!

It wasn't until I uploaded this photo of the new fence...before I painted it a fetching shade of green.... that I noticed the 'supervisor' on the front doorstep!!


She is wearing a soft cat collar to stop her scratching at the allergic eczema rash on her back.

She tolerates this far better than the vet supplied big plastic collars...and much cheaper too.

Can highly recommend them

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Bathroom Blues

The workmen have finally GONE......after nearly three weeks!

It started like this...

...a nice little blue bathroom, the only thing out of place was the oversized sink that the previous owner of the house had installed. Liveable with......BUT.......my husband has always disliked it and has been saying since we moved in in 2007 that one day he would get it changed.
So he has.
An appointment was made with the bathroom design team at our local "Band Q" for the 21st May,

Then on 20th May I had my accident and was immobile and not able to attend the meeting. 
So off husband went by himself.
He knew what my thoughts were for this new bathroom but he had other ideas
 and came home with this......

....a layout totally changed......oh well. A date was set for work to began. My husband would happily go off to work each morning leaving me at home to contend with the inconveniences of having no toilet , a house full of workmen and a terrorised cat who hates loud noises of any kind.

Then on Saturday 3rd all the 'stuff' was delivered and filled the kitchen which is the largest room in the house...
It also meant that we were reduced to eating meals on trays on our knees in the sitting room. This is something we both hate and never do, much preferring to eat sitting down at the table.

Workmen turned up at 8.0am on the Monday morning...they were coming in as husband was going off to catch the bus.
I had made 'toilet arrangements'in the small outhouse we have in the back yard and the cat took refuge under the stairs for the next two and a bit weeks.

On day three this is what was left of our little blue bathroom....
....and outside in the front garden was this....

When the tiles came off one of the side walls, so did most of the wall plaster, that had to be renewed, adding another two days onto the working schedule.

On day nine when the tiles were up, the bath  and shower in and the side wall re plastered and painted the next job was to find the main pipes coming off the central heating boiler to connect the pipes needed to install a radiator in the bathroom......what a day that was!

It was a case of 'hunt the pipe'  as the pipes were not in the place the plumber expected them to be and  as the floor kept coming up, first on the landing, then the adjacent bedroom, he was just about ready to give up  but decided to just have "one more look"....and finally the main pipes were found.
This is the resulting mess.....and another day added on to the schedule

Next day the radiator was connected and installed in place on the replastered and repainted wall

Day 11 saw the flooring go down and the new toilet and sink finally installed and Day12 and 13 saw the finishing touches done, and the flooring fastened back down to make it safe but it is never going to look 'right' and finally we had a bathroom...sort of...
all that was needed was for me to try and find places for the necessary items as this new bathroom is tiled on three walls and no space for shelves so changes have to be made.

Day 14 saw the arrival in the pouring rain of the recycling man who came and cleared everything away from the front garden.

The team of fitters, Andy and his son Callum and an apprentice called Pete, could not be faulted. They turned up early and didn't take long lunch breaks. They didn't play loud music or spend time on their mobile phones. They put down dustsheets  and at the end of each day swept and cleared up their mess. Callum even washed the front path one day after he had been mixing plaster.
This company comes highly recommended and the work also has a five year guarantee.

Husband says it is well worth the price  and reasonable rates of repayment
 (it will take him three years to pay it all off)

He loves it...
I don't.

Then on Day 16 a man came to replace the front fences and install a new gate. This is the third time we have had Dave come and fix fences in this house and previous house so we know that his prices are reasonable and the workmanship good. 

The finally yesterday the man came to give the central heating boiler its annual check up . Because of the installation of a new radiator the boiler and heating system had a longer than usual overhaul

And today.....NO WORKMEN 

The cat and I survived and have asked my husband that he never,ever, makes me go through all that again....ever

Post Script
Last night as husband was running a bath in his brand new bathroom, I discovered that there was no water coming out of the kitchen taps for me to do the washing up, just a few drips!!

There had been a problem with reduced water pressure in the kitchen taps during the installation which I had brought to the attention of the fitter. He said that the pressure was  fine and bathroom installation would make no difference.

I have rund him this morning to report this phenomenon only to be told that it is nothing to do with him, and it "must be a fault in the water meter limiting the water flow"...which is absolute nonsense.

Am not at all impressed.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Summer Musings

It has been nearly a month since my last blog post so on this wet and windy August morning thought that I would share some of the various happenings of the last month.

We have had a few sunny days, and the cat makes the most of them by sun bathing on this shelf in the garden. It did have plants on at one time but after several were  nudged off by a cat trying to find a comfy spot it was safer to remove them.

Then there is this fuzzy flower....

In late spring I had rescued a small plant that was put out in the rubbish at a local supermarket. Always one for a challenge where plants are concerned it came home with me. 
(I did ask and was given permission to take it)

It had just two very small, glossy leaves, no label. 
 Over the months it grew into an odd shaped plant with five tall spikes of leaves
.....uhm...not very exciting.
Then it developed flower buds at the very tips of the spike. 
These turned into these pink fuzzy flowers.
These in turn made me laugh as I had just been knitting a pair of socks in some pink fuzzy yarn that a friend had given me. It wasn't until I looked at the photo on my camera that I realised that my shirt is a very similar colour.

Still have no idea what the plant is called, must go a Googling.

My two son in laws have both been taking part in charity events

Erin, one of my eldest grandaughter's joined her Dad on the local 10k run, both did very well.

Then my eldest daughter's husband took part in a twenty mile walk in aid of their local hospice in Birmingham

He was a very successful triathlete up until his mid forties.
Now he still cycles and does long distance walking
He is now sixty nine and two years older than I am.

My two daughters paid us a visit, we talked a lot and drank gallons of tea.

My husband tried to take a 'sensible' photograph of us all but all three of us dislike having our photos taken and  we always 'strike a pose'...these are the best of the bunch!

Now I am back to walking, (though not over rough terrain like the fields), husband and I took a 'town walk' one day during his week's holiday. He wanted to show me where he now works...in an office block near to the docks. It looks rather grim don't you think?

On the way we came across this sign on one of the many small factories that are situated around the dock area.

All things plastic and artificial for your garden landscape!!

Then he took me up a walkway that comes up in the centre of the busy motorway..in order to get to the walkway that led down to the other side we first had to walk along this footpath in the central reservation...imagine...cars zooming by on both sides and a very low fence  to keep us safe...

The view from the top looking out over the  docks and the Humber was worth the unease...though was very glad to get down and get the bus home again.

Now August is nearly at an end,
 My two grandaughters did well in their first year exams and so are back to College for year two, 

Their mother (my middle daughter) has taken the great step of giving up her part time job to start this year as a full time degree student. For the first year she worked as well as studying.

Eldest daughter has also returned to her studies to become a Child Education Psychologist, These studies were cut short in February 2008 with five hours of emergency  surgery for cancer.

Think that is all the news for now.

Hope you all had  enjoyable summers and ready for the glories of autumn.

God Bless 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


In the spring a large thistle sprang up next to the bird table. 
I assumed that it was an uneaten seed that had escaped from the "Bird Cake" I make every winter for the birds.

As Blue Tits and Finches are rather partial to thistle seeds I let it grow......
it did indeed grow and grow and grow.

And then the Goldfinches came....

Great entertainment as we either sat outside or stood at the kitchen door watching the antics of three, sometimes four Goldfinch as they tugged at the seed heads with such speed that the back garden became  covered in the fluff of thistledown as it blew everywhere

I made several attempts to get a photograph of these little birds but they were just too speedy,

 but I kept trying....

...eventually I caught this one which I think is a rather superb 'action shot'

Next year the whole street will find that they have thistles growing in their gardens....

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Boots Are Back........

My walking boots are out of the cupboard and back on my feet....whoop whoop!

Having got the "all clear" from the physiotherapist on Monday to try a 'long walk'...
ie: my usual three mile hike.

The brace supports the knee very firmly and the walking boots have specially designed soles to give me that extra support and to ease the pressure of the heel- toe repetition.

On Tuesday I walked into town at quite a reasonable pace, but caught the bus home again. 
The bus ride causes more pain than walking...see previous post about  the disabled seats on buses.

After watching the events unfolding in Nice on the early news this morning I felt the need to get out into the fields, to find solace for my soul and to find peace to share my thoughts about this world with God.
So once my husband had gone off at 8.0am to catch his bus into walk, off I went.....

I took my phone as 'ordered' by husband..... daughter has set up an emergency function on the phone that automatically rings my ICE numbers at the press of a button. I do worry about pressing it accidentally though! 
The GPS system is activated so if I keel over in the middle of a field I can be found.
If you think about it, there could be worse places to die than in a corn field listening  to bird song and watching the clouds drift by!

I took the walk that I shared with you in a previous post, but went the opposite way round than I usually take so that I finished the walk by coming out on to the main road, just in case I needed to catch the bus home for the rest of the way!

The wheat is standing tall and slowly ripening. 
We have had rather a lot of rain recently, which waters the crops and makes it grow but does not aid  the ripening.

There were not many Skylarks about today, instead  I was dive bombed by Swallows skimming the tops of the crop in their pursuit of insects.

As you can see it was rather muddy in places.

I didn't see another soul, which was just what I needed.
There is something extremely soothing about a solitary walk in nature communing with the Creator.
I returned home restored, though in need of a sit down and a cuppa......

........ and one of these!

Have only recently discovered that they are in fact vegetarian friendly, as they contain NO marshmallows which I assumed they did for some reason!


(The blue wrapped ones do contain marshmallows)

This morning I discovered that this box is now empty...uhm
...think husband has had something to do with that!

Our neighbours were on holiday recently and returned with this gift as a thank you for watering the garden and taking in the post.

Now back to the knitting......

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Visitors With a Purpose

Each Monday morning two people (whoever's turn it is on the rota), go into church early and dismantle the floral display. Then the flowers are made up into three, sometimes four, bouquets.

These bouquets are then taken out to people who the weeks Pastoral Visitor chooses.

This Monday it was a friends turn on  the rota so she turned up on my doorstep , accompanied by another lady from church, with this bouquet.

Visitors with a definite purpose!

Unfortunately, I do not now have a vase large enough to hold an entire bouquet. 
Did once upon a time but it got broken when we moved house.

So had to set to and divide the flowers up so they would go into two vases instead.

The pink Carnations went into one tall slim  vase

The other wider vase holds the  Lilies. 
The kitchen and hall way smell divine.

Then there was this flower...is it a sort of Chrysanthemum?  
 Am really not sure at all.

....and then there are these. Have absolutely no idea what these are!

They do look a little worse for wear and even though there are several buds waiting to bloom they are drooping badly and turning brown.

Should have taken photos straight away on the Monday, but these photos were taken yesterday, Wednesday so they are not at their best.

I don't mind at all. The only time I get a bouquet/basket of flowers of any size is from my son on Mothering Sunday.

I tend to pick single or a couple of flowers to put in a small vase instead, or more often then not some greenery or sweet smelling herb. 

My visitors came, and went again after thirty minutes. 
We chatted and prayed together and shared God's love for all His children.

Great to share hugs too.

Happy Day

Monday, 27 June 2016

A Small Garden!

This is the view from my front doorstep as I saw my husband off to work at 8.0am this morning.
It is a dull day and heavy rain fell in the night. 
The rain just seems to make this small wild patch of garden blossom..so I went and got my camera to share it with you.

As you can see...it is not over large!!

The Gleditsia tree always makes my heart sing, it is such a glorious shape , the leaves are very tactile and the colour is wonderful.

The green Dalek shaped object is my compost bin, and the boxes are for recycling; there are three of them, and hidden from view by this green fence arrangement.

Have now taken a few steps down the garden path.
There is an abundance of Foxgloves this year, no flowers at all last year but that is what Foxgloves do...all leaves one year, then flowers the next.
They are rather battered by the rain now and past their best and in need of a prune to encourage a second flowering.

Tucked in a small patch of soil next to the fence and front window I planted  several Broad Bean seeds last winter. The first lot of small plants were eaten by slugs and snails so this is the second planting and they have produced a nice small crop of fuzzy pods.
I am the only person who loves them so I get to eat them all. 
They will soon be ready to pod...yum!
I see that there is a dratted orange poppy popping up, they self seed everywhere and the ones in my garden have blown in from somewhere.

In the far left corner my Rhubarb crop is struggling this year and has been completely covered by the fallen Foxgloves.  
Not sure what to do for the best with it as the crop has been thin and spindly...but very sweet and juicy.

The Marigolds have just been dead headed as the seeds get every where .
I have picked a lot this year to make Marigold Oil as the batch made two years ago has all but run out. And they do look wonderful in a small vase to brighten up a dull day.

This gigantic Foxglove has self seeded itself  and keeping guard over the dustbin. Isn't it glorious.?

Thought I would share this with you, something all cat lovers will understand:-

It had started to rain...the cat hates rain but loves sitting out in the garden... 
"shall I go in, or stay out and hope it soon stops raining?"

Think that face says it all!

Have no idea what she decided to do in the end as I got on with what I was doing and left her to it!