God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, 7 May 2015

"What a boring life"

Once again three separate conversations  on the same theme has kindly provided me with a topic for a blog post. This time, the topic in question is ...how boring my life is!

First conversation  ... had stopped to say hello to a neighbour early one morning as I was setting out for my daily walk. In reply to her question as to where and what I was doing and I answered...'walking' her shocked reply was "How boring" and  went in to watch early morning television. To which I could also have replied; "How boring".

Second conversation....quite by accident I was joined on another walk by someone from church and her daughter, we happened to be going the same way so we walked together. It would have been rather impolite to refuse.  So this walk was not the solitary meditation a walk usually is but one full of unpleasant gossip and opinions on who to vote for in the upcoming Election (which is taking place today as I write)

Our Member of Parliament retired this year after decades in the position and the town is tipped to vote in a UKIP Member. My walking companions were it turned out, avid supporters of UKIP and declared vociferously that we should all be patriotic and stand up for being 'English'.     Am never sure what "English" actually means, we are all mixed blood if you think about it. I'm a mix of French and Irish..so does that make me non-English? Who knows.

Sorry, have digressed a bit, as often happens....the 'boring life' bit of the conversation came about when I was being persuaded to join a 'walking group' , there are several across town, but I declined, saying that I like to walk alone, to take in my surroundings, nature . I like solitude. (see  a previous post). Well, what a "boring life you must lead" was the reply to that.

Third conversation is perhaps the saddest of the three. Someone from church, once again, was attempting to persuade me to join this group, go to that social event, and was so persistent that my refusal was perhaps a bit more sharper than was expected. I am happy with my solitude. See no need to be caught up in a shallow social 'whirl' of church or secular activities.
The sad part came when I was asked to explain exactly why I preferred solitude. My answer simply was, that I prayed. Whatever task I undertake includes prayer, meditation, rumination of one sort or another. The reply to this was "Why?"..."Why do you need to pray so much?"

Perhaps it is me, and it often is, but prayer is not just for Sundays, or bed time, but for all times.

So, it is official, my life is extremely boring. Am at an age where I am comfortable being boring and have always been a non conformist, so have no desire to go along with the crowd.

I leave you with these quotes:-

"He lacks much who has no aptitude for idleness"
                                                         ----Louise Beebe Wilder

"Spend the afternoon. You can't take it with you"
                                                   ----Annie Dillard

"Speak to your heart in silence upon your bed"

                                               ----Psalm 4 :4

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