God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Warwickshire "Wolf Run"

 On a completely lighter note....

My son competed in and completed the  'Wolf Run' ( see information after the photos) yesterday 5th September... am very proud of him; he is partially sighted

He's the tall one on the left!

What is the Wolf Run?   Information taken from their official website

The Wolf Run is an approx. 10k off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout the course. We have four events throughout the year (Spring, Summer Autumn & Winter). The concept behind the Wolf Run was to re-create the feeling of running in natural terrain - a wild run that would allow people to experience natural, raw running conditions as far as possible whilst also presenting runners with a challenging, interesting and enjoyable event.

Where are Wolf Run events held?

Wolf Run HQ and the original Wolf Run Territory are in Warwickshire. However, check the Events page to see details and locations for all our events and venues.

Is the Wolf Run a race/timed event?

The Wolf Run is all about the experience of Wild Running™ - running wild and being 100% involved in the experience. The Wolf Run is not a race; it’s a physical and mental challenge that every Wolf Runner tackles their own way - whether it’s running in a pack or running alone as the classic lone wolf! We don’t use timing chips and if you’d like to wear a watch to time yourself, please make sure it’s water/shock resistant!

How is the Wolf Run different from other off-road events?

Off-road running is becoming increasingly popular and justifiably so - getting off the pavements and treadmills into interesting, challenging terrain is amazingly good for you physically and mentally. We are often asked how we are different from the other obstacle/trail/mud runs: the answer is that we combine the best features of all three types of run!

Our courses are a unique mix of great running trails across open ground and through woodland. There are a series of physical challenges using man-made obstacles with the run course also featuring a huge number of nature’s finest obstacles, from lake swims to mud pits, fallen trees, boggy ground, ditches, hills and dense foliage, making the run more organic and recreating a natural, wild run. Every step will test you mentally and physically, taking you back to a primal, instinctive way of running in raw, challenging terrain.

The design of our obstacles is also overseen by a fitness professional with a Masters in Sports Science and years of experience in functional fitness training. This ensures that your entire body is challenged by the design of our course, providing an excellent all-body workout that will leave you fitter, stronger and more confident.


  1. sorry but he does look old! is this a middleaged man thing,like Lee and his 10k runs?

  2. Hi Joy!
    I am just now catching up on your posts. Thanks for sharing the interesting links you have shared, in particular the links having to do with living life as a modern hermit.
    From time to time it dawns on me that many other folk do not think as I do, and it is fascinating/scary/inspiring to me to discover about what others
    think :)
    About a year ago I was able to spend two days...mostly in silence in the wooded hills east of Albany, NY, at an Orthodox retreat center. The time flew by. The times of corporate worship were based on ancient rites morning and evening. I spent more time than I had hoped to in fussing about how I was getting to my next destination, but around that anxiety there was a curious peace and sense of God's in charge presence. One of the results of the trip was a spiritual re-awakening for my youngest son and a growing sense that as much as I enjoy Orthodox worship, I am not meant to commit to a particular Orthodox parish at this time.
    So continue my adventures in fellowship with our great Three in One God: growing to know Him as heavenly Father, Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit: my Lord. More and more I recognize my need for His Mercy and am trying to more frequently pray for His Mercy for all those around me as well.
    I continue to wish you well and can appreciate your pride in your son's participating in the Wolf Run!
    It is good to read your thoughts. Thanks for posting :) xx

    1. Thank you for sharing Gracie, like you, came to realise long ago that many people don't think the way I do!

      Have just been to read your latest post...interested in the 'Carrot Cake Jam'