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Isaiah 40:31

Friday, 9 October 2015

'Toeing the Party Line'......or not

As you know from previous posts I am a Novice in the Third Order of Saint Francis also living an eremitical life...as much as is possible within my urban environment.
The continuation of my journey to Profession  may be about to come to an end because I do not  'toe the party line'.

Let me explain ...in April  my particular Area saw a change in 'management' for want of a better word; that is a new Area Novice Guardian was appointed and unfortunately power has seeming gone to their head and numerous irritating 'new'  directives have been issued, none of which are country wide but personal edicts from the new ANG

First we had the edict that we  could no longer wear brown, we were to be 'individuals' in society rather than the Franciscan Community. Fair enough, am quite happy being an individual but am still a part of the Franciscan Community..then we had "no wearing of the Franciscan Cross"...or at least not on show.  So I reverted to my previous black wardrobe and my 'everyday cross', the San Damiano one is  at home. 

Then we had the very silly edict that we were not to refer to each other (fellow Franciscans) as Brother or Sister...this has just been totally ignored and we continue to use this greeting .

However, I remain an inconvenience because I do not' toe the party line' and do not accept the edict that I need  "permission" from the TSSF to live my chosen eremitical path.

Last time I looked we were free to pray and worship God as we please in this country and  no permission is needed as to how I should pray.
 So, an email informed me yesterday that my Novitiate will be "up for discussion" at the Area Pastoral Meeting in November. The outcome is a foregone conclusion  that  I will be deemed 'not suitable' to proceed forward to Profession.   A disappointment but not one that will alter my Franciscan commitment .  

Don't think that I have ever 'toed the party line' about anything...my Father taught me well , to think for myself, always ask questions, always make my own mind up and not follow the crowd blindly.

Great maxims to live life by...even though it means that friends are few and far between and you get labelled as a nuisance and an inconvenience.

On a totally different topic..... my daughter sent me this link , go watch it, a superb song by two great singers.

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