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Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Rethinking the Nativity Scenario

My eldest daughter sent us this wooden Advent /Nativity scene at the beginning of November. 
Twenty four doors concealing twenty four Nativity 'characters'. 
There are twelve doors on each side and the stable on top turns round 
(a bit like one of those old fashioned 'lazy susan' rotating trays)

It is made of wood and rather heavy, thank goodness it came direct from Amazon and she didn't have to post it herself!

After we had unwrapped it and set it in pride of place on the sideboard we began to unwrap the many layers of bubble wrap to reveal all the 'characters' to put in the doors.

I automatically picked up the 'baby in a manger' figure to put in door number twenty four when  husband suddenly said 
that was 'not biblical'.......
.....this made me think!

He was right...the biblical nativity narrative begins with a stable at the inn where the animals are over wintering...so the animals went into the first doors.

Then along comes a donkey, with Mary and Joseph...so they went in next along with a fire  which is when I took this photograph. 

Just sorry that Mary and Joseph are extremely 'white, anglo saxon, protestants'. 

Would be nice to have 'ethnically correct' figures .

 The fire as you can see is rather out of proportion but looks very warm!

....next comes the baby Jesus in his manger....NOT on day twenty four.

Then we have angels and shepherds, and  next the Star that appeared to the Wise Men and finally along come the three Wise Men to complete the scene......

Can see why at the 'Crib Service' the baby in the manger is always put into the  scene last, but if you think about it......that order is all wrong according to my Bible!!!

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