God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Friday, 15 January 2016

Annoyances of Old Age

Be warned...this is  a 'pity party' rant..apologies in advance!!

The last two weeks have been rather 'eventful'...'enlightening'....'annoying'...a sobering reminder that my chronological age is creeping along into my seventh decade....Why?

First I had to pay a visit to the Dental Clinic...after numerous scans,
 x-rays, blood tests and prodding and poking...I really don't like dentists.

The result?

There is "considerable bone density loss in my right jaw, upper and lower"
Osteoporosis in my jaw...too much talking my husband said!
Due in fact to the chronic tooth and gum infections I have endured since the age of eleven. Which has merrily eaten away the bone.
As I am already taking medication for osteoporosis the only 'treatment' is a wonderful 'Hannibal Lector' like support to wear at night
 or whenever I am not wearing my 'teeth'.

How romantic.

Secondly:....yesterday a routine visit to the Optician shows that I have cataracts in both eyes, one in the centre of the lens in the left and one at the bottom in the right.
That explains the recent problems I have been having with my eyes which I thought were just my need for new glasses.
I love my Optician, he is 'old school' , an independent optician not one of these speedy fix-it quick operations. He has been looking after my eyes since 1987 so knows them very well.
These dratted cataracts will slowly get worse until the time comes for surgery to replace the lens.

These two 'annoyances' are just more to add to the long list of my ailments which  I will now list, just because  I feel like a moan...so if you have read this far please feel free to stop now!

So to date my poor ageing body has to cope, on a daily basis with:-

1. Pain in the jaw

2. Fuzzy vision

3. Osteoporosis pain in three crumbling Lumbar Discs that were fractured in an accident in 1964 (surgery not an option in this case) Plus the three 'slipped discs' that were squashed and regularly 'slip' a little more

4. Trochanteric Bursitis, both hips which makes sleeping difficult

5.Cervical Spondylosis for which I need a special pillow or neck brace to get to sleep at night

6.A leaking Mitral Valve which gives me the occasional bout of Angina

7. A kink in my Carotid Artery that occasionally goes into spasm and gives me a dizzy spell

8. A 'Baker's Cyst' in my right knee which regularly flares up and means that I have to wear a knee brace...

9.  Asthma that makes me out of puff in windy or extra cold weather

10. Low blood pressure which means if I get up too quickly I fall over!   Better to have low blood pressure than high. This runs in the family, my Mother had low BP as do my two daughters.

11.......plus the constant aches and annoying pain of osteoarthritis....

OK...am done now, just had to have a rant as sometimes I get rather fed up . It is amazing how the body gets used to living with chronic pain, my eldest daughter's constant pain and immobility is far worse than mine and puts things into perspective.

...and yes, am very grateful for free health care despite the many faults of the NHS

... and yes, there are many more people that cope with similar and more than this and don't have a moan.

I don't usually moan , because moaning/ranting/pity parties change nothing at all....but just felt like it.

Did warn you!!

Feel much better now

Thank you 


  1. Like you, I'm falling to bits. Shame really because I'm only 16 inside! :)
    PS I'm doing a post on my Hobbies Filofax today.

  2. Thank you for the lovely invitation :) I'm glad that typing out your list of ills has helped you feel much better.
    In my last post did you notice in all the creative clutter of my room I have your name emblazoned in one of my windows? My three year old granddaughter is named Joy, also. All of you Joys remind me of the verse, "The joy of the Lord is my strength!"
    I'm glad you appreciated the incongruity of my saying how I love the simplicity of Japanese artwork presented against black and white shoji screens since I am surrounded by so much stuff :) The room I am in was used by the original owners of the house as one of the display rooms for their rock shop...thus the reason for the four nine pane six foot windows I guess. The window panes do remind me of shoji screens though. As I look around me I am surrounded by art and craft that folks have made for or bought for me...each piece a sweet reminder of the giver. Then there are the shelves of books...Mercy! Seriously, I do need the Lord's mercy and empowerment to share more of what He has given me!
    I am sorry for the pain and suffering you are experiencing, Joy. May the Lord's Joy be your strength! xx

    1. Big hug Gracie, you are a kind and generous soul.

      My 'joy' gets a bit dented sometimes