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Isaiah 40:31

Friday, 12 February 2016

Puppy Love

We live in a tiny, mid terrace house in the suburbs of a large town...this is what my back garden looks like. The photo was taken as I stood at the back gate so you can see how spacious it is!

Please note..this is important, you will see why in a moment..... we are separated from our neighbour to the far right of the picture by a red brick wall. This wall is six feet tall for a short span by the back door but then drops down to three feet six inches for the rest of the garden. This photo was taken in full summer so is not too clear.

At the beginning of December the neighbours on the right of picture got a puppy.
This puppy is now seven months old......
..................this is what she looks like now!

Yes...she really is that large!

Her name is 'Bella' and she is a pedigree Newfoundland with a very long 'official' name.

At first we though she was a Spaniel but realised our mistake when she started growing.

She is so good natured, very inquisitive and 'appears' over the garden wall like this if I go out to potter in the garden and she is out too. We do rather like her.
She is fascinated by our cat, who cheerfully ignores her.

She is being well trained, going to dog training classes each week and training continuing at home and several long walks each day. She loves to be outside, especially in the rain we discovered.  

Surprisingly they settle quite happily in a suburban environment so long as they are walked well and have plenty of stimulation. But they do tend to bark..a very deep 'woof' which is not intrusive.

We have now got used to the mad scuffle of squeaky toys and other toys being played with outside at all hours. (The neighbours work for the Post Office so up and out rather early)

Eventually, my neighbours think that they will have to put up a taller fence as when she is full grown and has the ability to just lope over the wall. We will wait and see what happens

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