God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, 26 March 2016

A Walk in the Park

Today is Easter Saturday and as is a Bank Holiday 'tradition' in this house we walked into town to  a place called 'People's Park'  which is near the centre of town. (There is quite a lot of debate as to the correct placement of that apostrophe..should it be before or after the s?)

We walked past the University where my husband used to work before being made redundant and where my middle daughter is now studying. (She went back last year when her daughters left school and went on up to Sixth Form College) She is training to be a Mental Health worker.
After crossing over a busy main road, we turn down a side street and at the bottom there is this intriguing shady foot path

When you get to the end and back out into the light again you are faced with the main entrance to the park

Round the outside edge of the park there is open grass land  and trees where a lot of people walk their dogs. So we were pleased to see that the council have been very thoughtful to post this sign to remind us to look where we are putting our feet

We tend to walk round the outside footpath first and the first stop is to follow this sign...
We get a good over view of the lake. Not many birds on it today, wonder where they have all gone to?

I discovered three Mallards in the foliage at my feet

As always we finish our perambulation with a stop at the cafe...you can see it in the photo of the lake, it is the wooden building to the right.

Just what we needed...husband not happy I caught him in mid munch though!

Then we caught the bus home...we are waiting for the number 3 bus, due in seven minutes.

Easter Blessings to you all

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

'Harold Fry'

I came across this book in a Charity Shop recently. It had cropped up on a recommended reading list in a Christian Women's magazine and my daughter had also recommended reading it even though she did warn me that it wouldn't be an easy read.  She was right

Oh my goodness......this is one very special book.

This Guardian article from 2012 when the book was 'long listed' for the Booker Prize called it:

" a Bunyanesque allegory inspired by loss"

When Harold Fry nips out one morning to post a letter, leaving his wife hoovering upstairs, he has no idea that he is about to walk from one end of the country to the other. He has no hiking boots or map, let alone a compass, waterproof or mobile phone. All he knows is that he must keep walking. To save someone else’s life....this then is the beginning of Harold's journey.

It is not an easy book to read and the stark revelation at the end is heart breaking.

It is a book that you can't put down, I found myself sitting up long into the night just to see where the next part of this painful journey took him. Literally and figuratively.

It is a book that I cried my way through. 

Following Harold on this unlikely pilgrimage made me think;to revisit the past as Harold does; times of hope and transformation . ...

Eventually, in the last few pages there is a happy ending.

Go and read it,

Thursday, 3 March 2016

"Betty's Box"

Sunday 6th March in UK is 'Mothering Sunday'....NOT 'Mother's Day' as it is now colloquially called......anyway, enough of me being pedantic...on with the post!!

Two of my children live away so parcels tend to arrive this week. Son usually sends huge bouquets of flowers which are much appreciated as I don't get given flowers very often.
Eldest daughter on the otherhand  comes up with something new every year.

This intriguing box arrived yesterady.

"Betty's" is known around the world for their 'tea rooms' and so gave me some idea of what might be inside.

Lifting the lid, this is the first thing I saw...

Then I was greeted by this.....

Looks like a wreath of some kind. The brown stuff was soft corrugated brown paper over thick fleece like material padding the tin

Then lifting the lid off the tin there was this explosion of shredded plastic.... it went every where!

Once all that was removed it revealed the goodies inside...


A box of tea bags, special 'Afternoon Tea' blend,
some special 'Cinnamon and Orange Easter Biscuits'...
and 'Simnel Cake' which is a traditional cake eaten only at Easter

Thank you Gena for such a wonderful present, much appreciated as always.

(I did ring her up as soon as it was delivered and later sent her all these photos)

oh...nearly forgot...

the cat loves the box too...