God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Beware wonky paving stones.....

After dinner yesterday I put on my walking boots and set out for a gentle ramble.......I got as far as round the corner when I tripped over an out of line paving stone; of which there are many in this town.......

Slammed on to my knees with my hands out to protect myself as I fell heavily on to my left side. Next thing I knew was that I was on my back looking up at a blue sky and the anxious face of a passer by.

This very kind passer by hauled me up, put me in his car and drove me back round the corner and to the safety of my little home.

I got as far as the first step of the stair and knew that damage had been done to my left knee...so I called my daughter  who happens to live just round the corner...
...after hastily explaining that, no, I wasn't having a heart attack she zoomed round with son in law, took one look at me and called an ambulance.

They arrived forty five minutes later and off we went to Accident and Emergency.

They were actually far better than expected  and the Doctor and nurse who  sorted me out couldn't have been nicer.

Now the dragon lady who x-rayed me was not very pleasant at all, but as I had been doped up with hefty doses of "Unicorn Dust" before being x-rayed I was not too bothered!

This is the outcome...left patella is cracked and my ligaments torn. The wrist is not fractured as first thought just badly twisted with the fall and tendons pulled.

This is what my leg looks like now....in a steel banded rigid splint for  four or five weeks, then  about three to six months to actually heal fully, possibly longer due to my age apparently!

We were in the hospital for five and a half hours on a Friday evening which is not bad going.

Wrist too has a splint on it. Apparently the 'old fashioned' Plaster casts are not routinely used now, only if the break/injury is unstable and needs firmer support.

I am not to move for seventy two hours, then very limited mobility after that for several weeks...so that means my birthday meal out is cancelled...

though husband said "Why not have a take away instead"

Unfortunately I have been warned that due to my age and osteoporosis the outcome of me gaining full mobility again is questionable, so will make sure that I do all the exercises the physiotherapist tells me to do, but do think that my days of tramping the hills for miles on my own are rather at an end.

PS:....only sock knitters will understand why I was not too pleased when it was suggested that the nurse cut my socks off to access my feet and legs. I gritted my teeth and persuaded my husband to peal them off undamaged!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

We're having a heat wave.....

I have mentioned before about the vagaries of the English weather.

 Today is Wednesday, it is cold and pouring with rain, but Saturday, Sunday and Monday we had what the weathermen like to call  a "heat wave". In UK we don't have normal stretches of warm sunny weather like some other countries do, we have  chilly weather interspersed with short periods of  hot...these are the euphemistically called "heat waves".

This confused the cat...

I opened the back door to be greeted by this...

Gave me quite a start at first as she looked in a state of collapse...

Then we got this very inelegant unlady like display....

Apologies for the bald 'undercarriage'.  She developed an allergy to some additive in her dried food at the beginning of the year and lost fur from her undercarriage and back. 
The food has been changed  to something more suitable (and more expensive).
 The fur on the back has regrown but this bit remain bald for some reason. 

 She is a Russian Blue and they have this  double layer sort of fur, with fine under layer and a thicker top coat which takes ages to grow back.

After this display she decided enough was enough and took up her usual spot on her blue blanket on our bed just lazing the day away in the sun of the heat wave.

Today she is on the chair in the kitchen next to the radiator.

UK weather is never dull!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Foggy Day revisited

If you remember in a previous blog post I took you along on one of my favourite walks but it turned out to be rather foggier than I expected. 

Having been bogged down in recent weeks by health, family and church issues I thought this morning that as the sun was shining I would retrace my steps and show you what the walk should have looked like.
Suggest that those of you have not read the original post about the walk go and give it a quick look so you can see the differences.

As previously...this will be a long post but apart from the first video which I have to admit does go on a bit too long, the others are short and sweet. Enjoy...

The spring Primroses are just about over now but found some in the shelter of the bank of one of the drainage ditches

Walking along I disturbed a bird that I didn't recognise, looked like a Skylark, same shape and size but with this startling yellow breast...

When I got home consulted my rather ancient bird book and it turned out to be a Yellow Hammer...I think

As expected, the Bluebells are a wonderful sight to see, and the scent is rather  intoxicating if you get close up to them

The small white flowers are Wood Anemone often called 'Wind Flower'

Sadly, this wood has seen it's fair share of deaths, mostly suicides, one murder and there are several of these  memorials dotted throughout the area.

As I am walking on my own it was safer to take the path that goes round the outskirts of the woods rather than take one of the paths that go through it.

There are Celandines growing in the ditch at the side of the path

A last look at the Bluebells before I start off for home

The children's play area and where all the paths  branch off from.
The red bin is for dog poop..we have them dotted all over the place.

The main entrance gate is at the far end of the road which will lead out onto a busy main road

Turn left and I set off down this narrow pavement to get back into town and home

Another field of the dreaded Rape Seed. It may look gloriously yellow but the smell of it when it is ready for harvest is horrendous and sets my asthma off

Put the camera away after this photo to concentrate on where I was walking, the pavement is so narrow.