God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Knee News

Having been lazing around at home doing nothing for the last two weeks in great pain a return visit to the hospital and Fracture Clinic has meant that have now been able to lose the long leg splint and have it replaced with a footballers  knee brace, specifically designed for dodgy Patellas and Cruciate Ligament damage... very fetching..

I now start gentle Physiotherapy exercise...in theory...but as there is a two month waiting list to actually get to see a NHS physio have had to seek advice elsewhere as mobilisation now is essential to build up strength of leg muscles to support the knee and reduce the pain. Eventually 

As with a back injury...you don't actually exercise the back but strengthen stomach muscles, so it is with my knee. Exercises to strengthen  leg  muscles, hip and derriere are what is needed.

Everything in moderation though, it will be three months minimum before the ligaments are knitted together enough...if that is the correct term, am sure it isn't.

Twenty years ago I cracked the Patella on my right leg though no ligament damage and it still gives me problems on a regular basis and then I have to resort to a knee brace..so now I have a matching pair.....uhm....

My left hand has continued to be very painful and not able to put any pressure on it, so further x-ray shows cracks in the small bones so that explains it. They will heal on their own...eventually, but that splint stays on.

My birthday was 30th May and we had planned a day out and a meal out which was impossible. So we planned a Take Away meal instead. 
Though that all got scrapped as husband caught the 'bug' that is doing the rounds and spent the Sunday night and Monday morning being sick and me up and down being a ministering angel so neither of us got much sleep.

When the day dawned it was a typical English Bank Holiday, cold, wet, windy...so I just cancelled my birthday this year. My husband had already bought me six tins of paint  some weeks previously when they were on sale in the shop, and I had happily repainted the whole house (inside) finishing two days before the accident. My middle daughter and family had gone away for the week and  so didn't hear from them. Eldest daughter  rang early morning as always and it transpired that son had actually totally forgotten so a hasty phone call at 7pm  with apologies.

I absolutely love birthdays, always have done, so needless to so I was  rather grumpy by bed time....

Will try again next year

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