God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Monday, 20 June 2016


I finally got to church on Sunday...it took me ten minutes longer walking than normal as I can't go at my usual moderate pace. Slow but sure, as the Tortoise said to the Hare!

This is what it looks like on a weekday .....

this is what it looks like Sunday morning....

Had numerous offers of lifts but as knee does not bend enough that leg sticks out making it impossible to sit in a car or anything else.  Did manage to make it through the whole service as standing up for hymns meant that I was not sitting for long periods at a time.

Had such a warm welcome , lots of hugs, so great to be back.

Have to admit though, by the rime I had walked home I was rather tired and my knee hurt so spent the afternoon resting with my legs up.

Have been busy working on the cards and envelopes found in this wonderful book that my daughter had sent me..

Since my accident have found  solace in colouring. It is very therapeutic and calms the soul. And kept me sane before I was allowed out again!

Now I am walking  short distances outside, though rather slowly as any speed puts pressure and therefore pain on my knee even though it is tightly encased in the brace.

Am at the stage now when I feel well in myself, the pain is minimal unless I do something to aggravate it...yet my body has to go slowly in order to heal. It has only been a month after all and there are many more weeks and months ahead. So am learning to be patient!!

Have also taken a three trips into town on the bus...physios suggestion to get me used to 'sitting' in awkward situations. 
Have discovered that the 'disabled seats' on the bus are not really fit for purpose.

As you can see in the photograph the 'disabled seats' are the first two on left and right. 
The spaces in front are for  wheelchairs but more often than not these spaces are occupied by mothers and children in buggies.

As I have said before, my right leg does not bend so can only really sit on the outside seat on the left of the photo. When this is occupied I have to stand. Once when I got on the bus in town to come home an able bodied person was in the seat and I did politely ask if they would move.
Another time I had to sit  on the far right of the seat on the right of photo. A mother with twin buggy got on and asked me to move my leg. When I said that I couldn't she tutted very loudly and nicely manoeuvred the buggy so it slammed into my knee.

My eldest daughter is physically disabled and uses either two crutches or a rollator, every day, all day.
My experience has given me new insight to the difficulties disabled people have. 
The list is long...including shop doors that are very heavy and my left wrist is also in a splint so hard to push and people seem to rush through without noticing my struggles.

However, there has been a lot of kindnesses shown to my plight, holding doors open, a helping hand under my elbow on steps that turned out to be too steep.
These helpers have all be men...not one woman has offered  help. 
That has made me think too.

Am learning a lot.

On a lighter note..... can you spot the pigeons waiting for me to feed the birds early morning?

There are actually five of them, but couldn't get them all in shot.

The Tree Bumble Bees are still nesting in the bird box, they keep themselves to themselves unless we get too close.

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