God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


In the spring a large thistle sprang up next to the bird table. 
I assumed that it was an uneaten seed that had escaped from the "Bird Cake" I make every winter for the birds.

As Blue Tits and Finches are rather partial to thistle seeds I let it grow......
it did indeed grow and grow and grow.

And then the Goldfinches came....

Great entertainment as we either sat outside or stood at the kitchen door watching the antics of three, sometimes four Goldfinch as they tugged at the seed heads with such speed that the back garden became  covered in the fluff of thistledown as it blew everywhere

I made several attempts to get a photograph of these little birds but they were just too speedy,

 but I kept trying....

...eventually I caught this one which I think is a rather superb 'action shot'

Next year the whole street will find that they have thistles growing in their gardens....

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Boots Are Back........

My walking boots are out of the cupboard and back on my feet....whoop whoop!

Having got the "all clear" from the physiotherapist on Monday to try a 'long walk'...
ie: my usual three mile hike.

The brace supports the knee very firmly and the walking boots have specially designed soles to give me that extra support and to ease the pressure of the heel- toe repetition.

On Tuesday I walked into town at quite a reasonable pace, but caught the bus home again. 
The bus ride causes more pain than walking...see previous post about  the disabled seats on buses.

After watching the events unfolding in Nice on the early news this morning I felt the need to get out into the fields, to find solace for my soul and to find peace to share my thoughts about this world with God.
So once my husband had gone off at 8.0am to catch his bus into walk, off I went.....

I took my phone as 'ordered' by husband..... daughter has set up an emergency function on the phone that automatically rings my ICE numbers at the press of a button. I do worry about pressing it accidentally though! 
The GPS system is activated so if I keel over in the middle of a field I can be found.
If you think about it, there could be worse places to die than in a corn field listening  to bird song and watching the clouds drift by!

I took the walk that I shared with you in a previous post, but went the opposite way round than I usually take so that I finished the walk by coming out on to the main road, just in case I needed to catch the bus home for the rest of the way!

The wheat is standing tall and slowly ripening. 
We have had rather a lot of rain recently, which waters the crops and makes it grow but does not aid  the ripening.

There were not many Skylarks about today, instead  I was dive bombed by Swallows skimming the tops of the crop in their pursuit of insects.

As you can see it was rather muddy in places.

I didn't see another soul, which was just what I needed.
There is something extremely soothing about a solitary walk in nature communing with the Creator.
I returned home restored, though in need of a sit down and a cuppa......

........ and one of these!

Have only recently discovered that they are in fact vegetarian friendly, as they contain NO marshmallows which I assumed they did for some reason!


(The blue wrapped ones do contain marshmallows)

This morning I discovered that this box is now empty...uhm
...think husband has had something to do with that!

Our neighbours were on holiday recently and returned with this gift as a thank you for watering the garden and taking in the post.

Now back to the knitting......