God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Monday, 22 August 2016

Summer Musings

It has been nearly a month since my last blog post so on this wet and windy August morning thought that I would share some of the various happenings of the last month.

We have had a few sunny days, and the cat makes the most of them by sun bathing on this shelf in the garden. It did have plants on at one time but after several were  nudged off by a cat trying to find a comfy spot it was safer to remove them.

Then there is this fuzzy flower....

In late spring I had rescued a small plant that was put out in the rubbish at a local supermarket. Always one for a challenge where plants are concerned it came home with me. 
(I did ask and was given permission to take it)

It had just two very small, glossy leaves, no label. 
 Over the months it grew into an odd shaped plant with five tall spikes of leaves
.....uhm...not very exciting.
Then it developed flower buds at the very tips of the spike. 
These turned into these pink fuzzy flowers.
These in turn made me laugh as I had just been knitting a pair of socks in some pink fuzzy yarn that a friend had given me. It wasn't until I looked at the photo on my camera that I realised that my shirt is a very similar colour.

Still have no idea what the plant is called, must go a Googling.

My two son in laws have both been taking part in charity events

Erin, one of my eldest grandaughter's joined her Dad on the local 10k run, both did very well.

Then my eldest daughter's husband took part in a twenty mile walk in aid of their local hospice in Birmingham

He was a very successful triathlete up until his mid forties.
Now he still cycles and does long distance walking
He is now sixty nine and two years older than I am.

My two daughters paid us a visit, we talked a lot and drank gallons of tea.

My husband tried to take a 'sensible' photograph of us all but all three of us dislike having our photos taken and  we always 'strike a pose'...these are the best of the bunch!

Now I am back to walking, (though not over rough terrain like the fields), husband and I took a 'town walk' one day during his week's holiday. He wanted to show me where he now works...in an office block near to the docks. It looks rather grim don't you think?

On the way we came across this sign on one of the many small factories that are situated around the dock area.

All things plastic and artificial for your garden landscape!!

Then he took me up a walkway that comes up in the centre of the busy motorway..in order to get to the walkway that led down to the other side we first had to walk along this footpath in the central reservation...imagine...cars zooming by on both sides and a very low fence  to keep us safe...

The view from the top looking out over the  docks and the Humber was worth the unease...though was very glad to get down and get the bus home again.

Now August is nearly at an end,
 My two grandaughters did well in their first year exams and so are back to College for year two, 

Their mother (my middle daughter) has taken the great step of giving up her part time job to start this year as a full time degree student. For the first year she worked as well as studying.

Eldest daughter has also returned to her studies to become a Child Education Psychologist, These studies were cut short in February 2008 with five hours of emergency  surgery for cancer.

Think that is all the news for now.

Hope you all had  enjoyable summers and ready for the glories of autumn.

God Bless 

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