God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Autumn Glory...on a small scale

Regular readers to the blog will know that we have a very small, concrete back yard.
Not to be deterred by lack of a garden I planted up several large tubs, of which there are now thirteen trees, some larger than others.

This was the view from my kitchen door this morning at 8.30am, slightly damp but that did not dampen the glorious autumn golds of the deciduous trees.

So thought that I would take you for a closer look

(The white thing in the middle of the photo is my rotary washing line, covered up for the winter)

In the foreground is one of two Horse Chestnut trees, 
grown from Conkers picked up on one of my walks two years ago.

If you look closely next years buds have already formed.
As children we always called these "Sticky buds".....because they are, very sticky.
I wonder why?  Uhm...must look that up

Then there is my old friend, the Oak tree. It is twenty seven years old now, 
It has been in this pot for the last nine years.
 This year it has produced so many acorns and a visiting Squirrel has been busy collecting them. Have no idea where he has hidden them.

This Fuchsia is still a mass of flowers.
These blooms are too high for the cat to reach.
She treats them like Christmas tree decorations and bats them with her paws until they fly off.

And finally....the Gnomes have now moved into their winter accommodation.
Hopefully they will be safe from the frosts and heavy winds.

Monday, 24 October 2016


I love trees, always have done.
 I grew up in the Derbyshire Peak District, and my parents were walkers...
.....so was I from the time I could walk!
 My Father was a great reader of Tolkien and always called trees Ents, teaching me that they were living entities and should be respected as such.
Which I have continued to do.

Watching the leaves falling around me as I took a walk to the post office this morning, made me think.......

God had a great idea when He chose a tree as a symbol for growing Christians.

Tree branches on growing trees not only reach higher...
....their roots  grow deeper and wider.

It is impossible for a strong tree to have high branches without having deep roots.
It would be come top heavy and  in strong winds would topple over.
The same is true of Christians

It is impossible to grow in the Lord without entwining our roots around His Word, 
and deepening our life by obeying his commands.

There are other parallels too.

A growing tree will always provide shade and comfort for other trees and plants growing up under and beside it.

A growing tree takes in light and processes it for food
(as we do with God's Word)

Such a tree is always able to reproduce itself.

A growing tree is often pruned to help it grow straighter and taller.

Sometimes, the best trees give their lives for others for timber, for building.

May my roots grow deep in the Word and may my branches grow high.
When winds of adversity come, then I will remain strong.

The photo above is of Pike Pool  in Beresford Dale.
My Mothers ashes were scattered here; at her request as it was her favourite place in the Peak.

My Father requested that his ashes be scattered under a specific Oak Tree....where else

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Week of Prayer for World Peace

Sunday 16th October to Sunday 23rd October marks the 42nd year of the

Week of Prayer for World Peace

This week of prayer for peace comes as the British, US and French special forces and paratroopers support push by the Kurdish forces from east and Iraqi army from south in a battle to capture Mosul,the last known ISIS stronghold.
We pray especially for all the innocent civilians caught up in this warfare.

Although it was a Christian initiative that led to the founding of the Week of Prayer for World Peace in 1974, it soon became an inter faith activity, and now welcomes everyone, of all faith traditions or none, to take part. The first Chairman,the late Dr. Edward Carpenter, former Dean of Westminster, established the guiding principle of the Week in the words “The peace of the world must be prayed for by the faiths of the world”, and this is still the basis of our work today.

For those who want to persevere with the idea of praying with people of other faiths, three thoughts may be helpful.

  • First, the different prayers that we say are said by neighbours in the same town and the same street every week. In worshipping together we simply bring under one roof what happens anyway under the same sky.
  • Secondly, we are convinced that there is only one humanity that prays, and only one Divinity that we pray to, whatever different opinions we may have about that one Divinity.
  • Thirdly, we recognise that inter faith partnership does not itself imply agreement.

The things we agree on are many, and precious. The things we disagree on are precious too. When we stand with a follower of another faith who is praying, whenever we can agree with the prayer, we give it our interior assent. Where we cannot agree, we withhold our interior assent. It is still good to stand with that person as a friend and as a partner.

The International Prayer for Peace
Lead me from death to life,
from falsehood to truth.
Lead me from despair to hope,
from fear to trust.
Lead me from hate to love,
from war to peace.
Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Cat catastrophe update

An email from my son this morning with news of 'Micky T.'

He is now home again, looking extremely thin and battered.
His bottom jaw is now held together with screws,pins and wire, and  a gap at the front where the bone was too badly shattered to be repaired.

We also noticed that the photo shows his left eye is totally occluded with cataract.

Son says that he is slowly eating, though on semi solids and  very messy.

Welcome home Ginge.

Friday, 14 October 2016

A bit of bother.....

I was telling you in my last blog post that I had been recalled to Cardiac Clinic due to the finding of an "anomaly" in my last echo cardiogram.....

well.................this is why!!

I have a hole in my heart....


Not what I was expecting and rather took me by surprise I can tell you.

Consultant was very informative, drew lots of diagrams to illustrate what exactly is going on with my 'wobbly atrial septum' which is what showed up on the echo gram.

What I can't understand is that it wasn't there six months ago.
Or rather, it didn't show up then. It has been there since birth apparently. Who knew?

As I have already had one TIA two years ago and the Consultant says that this hole puts me at a much greater risk of having a full blown stroke.

So what now?

Good question? 

I have four more appointments lined up for the first two weeks in November and several more tests to undergo before a final decision is made about the need for 'closure' of this tiny hole.
And it is a tiny hole, if it was any larger I would not be alive

That is not as dramatic as it sounds as it is just like having an Angiogram...
......of which I have had several.

I am nearly seventy years old, death is nothing to be afraid of, 
God is good and  am assured of eternal life.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Monday Musings

Musing Number 1
Have been having a sort out which posed a question.....
What do I do with all the notebooks that I have used as prayer journals and  bible study notes?
Do I keep them? If so, for how long?
My family won't want them 'after I've gone'; so do I get rid of them now?

What do you do with your old note books?

My journals I have kept for decades and they will be saved as my 'legacy' if you like.
IF...any of the children or grandchildren want to read them! 
They may not; I haven't asked them.
Perhaps I should?

Meanwhile, the pile of old notebooks pile up.
I won't show you the pile of shiny new notebooks,just waiting to be written in!!!!
Have to confess that I do buy rather a lot of them, in an assortment of sizes....
......especially if they are on offer.

It seems that my two youngest grandchild also have a liking for notebooks too.

Musing Number 2

Saturday afternoon brought a  phone call from a very distressed son to say that some *******person 
had kicked his elderly ginger cat  like a football to boot him out of the way.
This cat has a habit of sitting in the middle of peoples drives and nonchalantly moving out of the way. A new neighbour down the street objected.

"Micky T" sustained a badly fractured jaw, but thankfully no more broken bones.
Yesterday the vet operated on him but his jaw is too badly shattered in one place and that part has had to be removed completely.
Thank goodness for Pet Insurance he said

Now we wait and pray to see if this elderly cat can eat and drink with his wonky jaw, if not.....

My son is  a softy when it comes to his cats, he has three.
 ( and three rabbits and a tank full of tropical fish as well)

Musing Number 3

This is a 'knee update'....... had my final hospital check up last week. The bones have healed OK, but will now be prone to arthritis. The number of times my age is mentioned makes me want to tear my hair out. 
Sometimes I think that the doctors just use age as an excuse!!!!!

Anyway...knee and ligaments have reached a state of 80%  return to 'before accident' and apparently are not likely to improve much more due to my ..
..you guessed it....age....grrr
Walking is fine, but can't walk as far as 'before' and knee starts hurting after   about thirty minutes walking. So my two hour tramping the fields walks have been greatly reduced. Am hoping with  increased usage the strength and stamina builds up again slowly.

And then...this afternoon I have to report to the Cardiac Clinic yet again...
.....a recall this time as my last batch of routine tests " threw up an anomaly"
Goodness knows what that is all about? I know my heart leaks and is getting worse, I know that the blood and nerve supply to my left leg is getting worse....... 
.....and the reason for all this decay is...you guessed it......my age.....grrrr

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Uhm....perhaps this blog post should be called the "Monday Moan"

Happy Days