God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Friday, 14 October 2016

A bit of bother.....

I was telling you in my last blog post that I had been recalled to Cardiac Clinic due to the finding of an "anomaly" in my last echo cardiogram.....

well.................this is why!!

I have a hole in my heart....


Not what I was expecting and rather took me by surprise I can tell you.

Consultant was very informative, drew lots of diagrams to illustrate what exactly is going on with my 'wobbly atrial septum' which is what showed up on the echo gram.

What I can't understand is that it wasn't there six months ago.
Or rather, it didn't show up then. It has been there since birth apparently. Who knew?

As I have already had one TIA two years ago and the Consultant says that this hole puts me at a much greater risk of having a full blown stroke.

So what now?

Good question? 

I have four more appointments lined up for the first two weeks in November and several more tests to undergo before a final decision is made about the need for 'closure' of this tiny hole.
And it is a tiny hole, if it was any larger I would not be alive

That is not as dramatic as it sounds as it is just like having an Angiogram...
......of which I have had several.

I am nearly seventy years old, death is nothing to be afraid of, 
God is good and  am assured of eternal life.

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