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Isaiah 40:31

Monday, 18 September 2017

Follow God ...Not the World

Warning....this is a “Monday Morning Rant”...not had one of those for a while.

The role of the church is to follow God...NOT the world.

The UK has turned into a non Christian country, under attack from our own government,
Justine Greening the Government “Women and Equalities Secretary” has said churches should reflect “modern attitudes” as they consider whether to change their stance on same-sex marriage.   As a practicing Lesbian, she would say that wouldn’t she?

Same-sex marriages have been legal since 2014 but many religious institutions – including the Church of England, Catholic Church, United Synagogue, and Muslim Council of Britain – have chosen not to recognise the unions or perform the ceremonies.

Justine Greening, said that religious institutions should “keep up” with public opinion – which has been shifting towards acceptance of same-sex marriage

“It is important that the church, in a way, keeps up and is part of a modern country,” 

“I wouldn’t prescribe to them how they should deal with that but I do think we’re living in a country where people broadly recognise that attitudes are in a different place now to where they were many, many years ago."

“We have allowed same-sex marriage, that’s a massive step forward for the better. And for me, I think people do want to see our major faiths keep up with modern attitudes.”

She also pointed out that some churches, like the Quakers, endorsed same-sex marriage and performed the ceremonies.

Her comments come after John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, last week said people should be able to “bloody well get married in a church” if they wished to.

Miss Greening also announced this morning that the Government would launch a consultation on the 2004 Gender Recognition Act to consider proposals to make it easier for people to legally change their gender. 

Remarks, by our Government that show the authoritarian aspect of modern liberalism as both Teresa May our Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn have spoken out in support of changes to the law.

Our Laws were formed out of the Judeo-Christian truths but have been cast aside for this “anything goes” Liberalism.

To be a Christian who stands by Biblical Truths is seen as being an “out of date weirdo”....I am proud to be one.

Time we Christian’s made a stand, but we don’t do we? Often I seem to be in a minority of one as I campaign against these blasphemies.

And there you have it...rant over!


  1. This is an issue that has touched my family and challenges me to this day to "speak the truth in love!"

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this. However, I was wondering if you have any gay / bisexual family members and how you deal with It? Because I simply don't know how

    1. Rose, the article is not specifically about homosexuality but about the general "dumbing down" of the Bible to fit in with the morals, of lack of them, of modern English society.
      In answer to your question, I have an eighteen year old granddaughter who has chosen to follow a homosexual lifestyle. She is not a Christian, neither are her parents. She knows that I am, and that I believe Biblical teachings. I love her very much but do not accept her lifestyle choice.
      If you wish to email me privately we can carry on this conversation. It is difficult.