God has wonderful promises for us as we travel on through life and into later years.The best news is that,inside we need never grow old because He has actually promised to renew our youth day by day.

Isaiah 40:31

Friday, 4 June 2021


Went out first thing to pick some Lettuce leaves, but saw this and changed my mind!
A newly hatched batch of Spiderlings  making their way up a long line of Spider silk up to the top of the Broad Bean support poles. 
When I went back later, the Lettuce was empty and all the Spiderlings were safely nestling inbetween the top of the poles.
Great to see, and wonder how long they will stay there.


I did manage to capture their march to the top on a video 


Friday, 14 May 2021

Nakba Day.....Call to Urgent Action for Palestine, May 2021

 From the Pax Christi website


Circles of Silence  – Nakba Memorial – May 15th 2021

With other Pax Christi International Sections, Pax Christi England and Wales is calling for Circles of Silence on or near Saturday 15th May.


May 15th is Nakba Day, when we remember the forced displacement of 750,000 Palestinians after the Israeli Declaration of Independence on 14th May 1948. These families became refugees and have never been allowed the right of return to their own homes. Many still live in refugee camps within the West Bank or in surrounding countries. That time is known as the ‘Nakba’ or ‘Catastrophe’.

Since 1967, and the Six Day War, Israel has maintained military control of what remained of Palestine, has colonised these Occupied Territories through Israeli settlements (declared illegal under international law), has taken more land, destroyed Palestinian homes and villages, has displaced Bedouin Communities and regularly uses excessive violence against the Palestinian population.

It is important that we recognise the injustices and violations of international law that took place in 1948, 1967 and in the on-going Nakba of today. We pray and work for justice for ALL in Palestine and Israel.

Pax Christi, England and Wales, invites you to be part of a global Circle of Silence in whatever way is possible for you by:

  • lighting a candle and spending time in personal silence; 
  • joining with others in your family, Community, School or Parish to spend time in silence;
  • holding a Circle of Silence (Silent Vigil)  in your local community;
  • holding an online vigil; 
  • taking a photo with you holding a peace message for Palestine – that we can put on social media.

Whatever you do:  please let us know, send photos and, if you wish, messages that we will send to Palestine.    

Thank you.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Great Way To Start The Day

 Dawn this morning...best part of the day and am always up to greet it, except in mid summer when dawn is rather too early, even for me.    

It will no doubt rain later on, this is the second week of heavy rain after midday. It is rain overnight, then a sunny morning followed by torrential rain in the afternoon.  That's what I love about English weather...you get to enjoy different seasons in just one day!

Then when I had fed the birds was entertained by a pair of Starlings trying to feed five plump and fluffy youngsters all at the same time. Do so love how the parents just shove food in the ever open beaks.

Happy Day one and all

Stay safe.

Friday, 7 May 2021

A New Hobby


As a child I always loved the "Paint By Numbers" kits and was regularly gifted them for birthday and Xmas.....then recently my daughter sent me a link to these  "paint by sticker " books on Amazon so thought I would give it a try...cats first of course.

Well, I'm hooked. Far easier to do than I imagined, but you do need a pair of tweezers as many of the stickers are rather small.

Have completed the first picture...

And have nearly finished the second one...

Have the next book ready and waiting in my Amaxon wish list, there are a lot of subjects to choose from but think it will be "Masterpieces" next!



If that wasn't enough to keep me busy, the order of six tins of paint from 'Wilko' and various other household bits we needed arrived this week...the plan is to paint the whole downstairs. as this is a tiny house  there isn't much to paint!   Apart from the kitchen ceiling, which was done yesterday....that is the worst and largest area to paint so glad that is done...no painting today though!

Happy days 

Thursday, 6 May 2021

International Conscientious Objectors' Day - May 15th


Every year on May 15th we remember those who have established and are maintaining the right to refuse to kill, both in the past and today. Hundreds of people across the world are imprisoned or forced to flee their home countries for refusing to join the armed forces. On May 15th we stand in solidarity with them, as well as celebrating the memory of all those throughout history who have resisted conscription.

 Long before the start of the 1914-1918 war thousands of men and women across Europe campaigned against the escalating signs of war and, finally, against the war itself.

As the war progressed and the numbers of the dead and injured mounted and volunteer numbers shrank to a trickle, the army urgently needed replacements. The stage was set for the passing of the Military Service Act which forced men to be trained to fight and ultimately kill 'the enemy' which they did in prodigious numbers. Over 10,000,000 soldiers in total were killed in that war.

 Between May 1916 and the armistice in November 1918 some 20,000 men, for a variety of reasons, refused to be conscripted into the British army. Among them my Grandfather, William Ewart Barker who was imprisoned in Warwick Castle for the duration of the war. Many felt that it was wrong to kill under any circumstance and that war was not the solution to any problem. In the Second World War over 60,000 men refused to fight. Among them my Father, Alan Matheson Barker, who was also imprisoned for the duration of the war. Today around the world, many still end up in prison for refusing to be conscripted. 

I like many others , do not support war in any shape or form and are members of the Peace Pledge Union.   I like many others wear a white poppy each November instead of the usual red one. I am extremely proud of my Father and Grandfatehr, true ware heroes.

White poppies commemorate all victims of all wars, including wars that are still being fought. This includes people of all nationalities. It includes both civilians and members of armed forces. Today over 90% of people killed in warfare are civilians.

In wearing white poppies, we remember all those killed in war, all those wounded in body or mind, the millions who have been made sick or homeless by war and the families and communities torn apart. We also remember those killed or imprisoned for refusing to fight and for resisting war.

We differ from the Royal British Legion, who produce red poppies. The Legion has traditionally said that red poppies are to remember only British armed forces and those who fought alongside them. In 2019 they shifted their position to say that they "acknowledge" civilian victims of war, but did not extend their remembrance to all nationalities. 

A recent poll reveals that 83% of UK adults believe that victims of war of all nationalities should be included in remembrance, whilst 86% believe civilians should also be included.

We want to remember British military dead, but they are not the only victims of war. We also remember the many civilians who have died or suffered in war, both those from the past and those in the midst of war today, in Syria and Yemen and many other violent conflicts around the world. Suffering does not stop at national borders, and nor should remembrance.

 There is a YouTube video that explains more about the white poppies

Monday, 3 May 2021

Unexpected Sightings in a Country Churchyard

 In England today, 3rd May is a Bank Holiday, and husband is not at work, so we set off nice and early to take a walk to go Bluebell spotting  in the near by woods before the promised torrential rains arrived in the afternoon...it is 3pm and the rains started about 1.30pm, so glad we were out early.

We are very fortunate in that we live on the outskirts of town and so within fifteen minutes in three directions we are out into the countryside, through a nature reserve, by a river or into woods. Today we chose to walk to the woods through the village and as we passed the tiny church we couldn't believe what we saw sitting on the graveyard fence....

....that's right....a  male Peacock, calmly sitting there in the rather weak and watery morning sunshine at 8.30am.

We assumed that he had come from the nearby Manor House,  as it is a long held tradition that the Lord of the Manor kept Peacocks.

The Manor House was recently up for sale, so if you want a look inside it click here


Any way, we continued on to the woods, still too chilly for the Bluebells to be in full bloom but we were greeted by masses of 'Wind Flowers', Celandines and Red Campions as well as Blue bells 

 We were also fortunate to come across a few of the early Orchids

Despite the downpour during the last two nights the ground was still very dry and we had to be careful as we walked along the paths as they were very uneven...

 Husband decided to have a rest on this rather large fallen tree

So we made our way out of the woods, back through the village, no sign of the Peacock this time, only horses in the fields waiting patiently for their breakfasts. Home again by 10am to a welcomed hot drink and a sit down. 

Then I get this photo in an email from my brother who lives near Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders...he too had been out walking and come across  something not seen before...

Great days have been had by all it seems....

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

EDS Awareness Month

 As a Mother who has two daughters and one grandaughter who daily live  with this condition, once again I remind you that May is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month,  

There is such a lack of awareness and knowledge of EDS, especially among the medical profession. For example...my eldest daughter lives in Birmingham, is under the very dedicated and regular care of five consultants and various other care bodies who are fully cognisant with EDS and all the conditions it embraces.......contrast that with my daughter and grandaughter who both live in North East Lincolnshire. They had to change their general practitioner because the first one had never heard of EDS and was not remotely interested in learning about it, the GP they have now had not heard of EDS but was willing to research and help all he can. Unfortunately they have found that there is no local hospital consultant who has any knowledge of EDS and neither of them are getting the care they desparately need... here is the statement form the EDS  organisation promoting this years Awareness Month...

May is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders Awareness Month!

For many people, the journey to a diagnosis of an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) or hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD) has been a long and challenging road. Poor awareness of the conditions amongst medical professionals means they can go undiagnosed for many years, with people often being misdiagnosed with other conditions, being given incorrect or unnecessary treatment, or no treatment at all. Early diagnosis, and recognition of EDS and HSD, is key to improving quality of life.

A better understanding of EDS and HSD in primary care could make a huge difference to the day-to-day lives of many people struggling to manage their symptoms. Most GPs will not have had any specific training on EDS or other hypermobility-related disorders and therefore their awareness is not high. The EDS toolkit (one of several on the RCGP website) provides GPs with the best sources of reliable, up-to-date information to support you better.

A greater understanding of the complexities and multi-systemic nature of EDS and some types of HSD from health professionals in all aspects of care, including rheumatology, physiotherapy, and nursing, can ensure a quicker diagnosis and more appropriate care.

Societal awareness and understanding of these conditions, their comorbidities and chronic illness in general can also vastly improve the lives of our community. From education to employment, from relationships to friendships, and in understanding disability and often-invisible illness: understanding the impact these conditions have on our lives, and their fluctuating nature, goes so far in improving wellbeing. May is EDS and HSD Awareness Month – let’s join to raise awareness together.


For more information..... https://www.ehlers-danlos.org/what-is-eds/